Cindy Lommasson

I dip the sumi brush into a pool of fresh blue-black ink. A rush of energy flows down my arm into my hand continuing through the brush.The push and pull of brush against paper, first smooth, loose and quick, slows down as the brush dries, creating a broken mark, revealing the warm white of delicately crafted handmade paper. Mountains, trees and water appear, as if out of nowhere, surely some remembered scene. Faint washes of blue, green, gray, sienna or ochre watercolor bring me back to rest and reflection. Many people love the simplicity of expression in Chinese and Japanese art. For me, the inspiration began as I studied ceramics in college. I admire the elegance of form and function, motifs in bamboo, pine and plum. In 2003, I began a journey to learn East Asian traditional painting. With that foundation, I seek to mold a fresh interpretation, continuing to experiment and refine my work. Along the way, I’ve often heard my paintings make viewers feel calm. That’s a wish come true.

Misty River
Chinese brush painting
11″ x 13″

Chinese brush painting
14″ x 30″

Looking East
Chinese brush painting
10″ x 13″

Community: 6
Studio Number: 80
(503) 702-7581 |
Facebook: LotusBlossomArt


Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Address: 2405 NW Thurman St Portland, OR, 97210, USA


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