Daniel Good

My sculptures begin with the cerebral, but they don’t end there. I want them to inspire and create joy. They are about balance and form, logic and chaos, ideas and emotions. They are inspired by the elegance of geometry and the deep weirdness of the mind. Each element might be an arm or a leg, a tree or an airplane. Relationships between these elements define the works – the feeling that comes from the way two parts interact, the way lines connecting them move. They attempt to catch the world like a sidelong glance, never quite resolving into focus.

I work with simple shapes that can be abstracted away into the world of the imagination, yet the sculptures are physically there – they are heavy and they have imperfections, marks revealing the ways in which they were made. This dissonance is both what I attempt to draw out for the viewer and why the process fascinates me. It pushes my creativity in new directions and keeps me searching for new ways to bring the ideas into existence.

Stainless Steel
21″ x 21″ x 9″

Stainless Steel
59″ x 23″ x 29″

Stainless Steel
59″ x 23″ x 29″

Sculpture   Metal   
Community: 6
Studio Number: 79
(503) 708-0908 | ddxgood@gmail.com
Website: http://www.dangood.org
Facebook: dangoodsculpture
Instagram: ddxgood


Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Address: 2516 NW 29th Ave #5 Portland, OR, 97210, USA


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