Davey Barnwell

I want my paintings to be like the most invigorating “conversations” the interactions that linger in the hazy clarity of insomnia. There is a musicality to the chaos between voices or marks, each reacting instinctively to the words that come before. I create layered paintings that similarly unfold over time, pushing forward with one mark and stepping back with another, gouging beneath the surface at one moment and then smoothing over with a swath of color. My paintings, graphic design, and works on paper are all intertwined with my interests in mapping, landscape, and architecture.

Coyote Gulch
Oil on Wood
36″ x 48″

By Definition
Oil on Wood
24″ x 30″

Oil on Wood
36″ x 48″

Oil   Drawing   
Community: 6
Studio Number: 76
(503) 314-8146 | daveybarnwell@gmail.com
Website: http://www.daveybarnwell.com
Facebook: davey.barnwell
Instagram: daveybarnwell


Wheelchair Accessible: No

Address: 2337 NW York St #201 Portland, OR, 97210, USA

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