Don Bailey

In my native Hoopa language, “kiwhliw” means “he who paints.” First and foremost, I am a painter. I create complex, richly colorful compositions. I am also Native American, raised on the Hoopa Valley Reservation in Northern California.

I grew up weaving together the textbook stories told about native people with the stories I could see in my Hoopa Valley landscape and told to me by my elders. I was drawn also to another set of stories that seemingly had no connection to my own stories told in the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Francis Bacon and Jackson Pollock. As I began painting too, I moved between two worlds, as Indian people throughout America do. I made”Indian art” and I made art.

Rain at Zuni
36″ x 48″

Where Are They Now?
36″ x 48″

Autumn Harvest
60″ x 48″

Oil   Mixed Media 2D   
Community: 2
Studio Number: 8
(503) 348-9380 |
Instagram: @hupapaint


Wheelchair Accessible: No

Address: 3805 SE Liebe St Portland, OR, 97202, USA

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