Jill Torberson

In my work, I utilize the structural integrity of steel to create artwork that is seemingly light. Steel artworks do not need to feel massive and heavy. Working with steel allows me to visualize and create works with my favored design aesthetic.

I am very much influenced by minimalism, mid-century, and Japanese design in my work. These are 3 specific design styles that hold interest through the test of time. The qualities of balance through abstraction, as well as less, is more, resonate with me.

I am a licensed and bonded contractor and a certified welder. As an artist, this frees me up to work on larger works. Having skills as a fabricator only serves to allow for greater freedom in creating work. I enjoy creating functional as well as visual works. The two are never mutually exclusive for me.

Birds of a Feather
Steel & Mixed Media
9″ x 9″ x 1″

Garden Wall
Assembled and welded steel
9′ x 15′ x 4″

Bird’s Nest
10″ x 3′ x 10″

Sculpture   Mixed Media 3D    Collage
Community: 2
Studio Number: 20
(503) 788-5701 | jill@jilltorberson.com
Website: http://www.jilltorberson.com
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Wheelchair Accessible: No

Address: 5713 SE 41st Ave Portland, OR, 97202, USA

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