Jon Gottshall

My goal in these images in not just to document, in as visceral way as I can, the size and scale of the landscape, but to also use the photographs as the first step in a creative process. Starting with the photograph itself, I print onto clear, non-absorbent acetate, which allows the ink to remain fluid. It moves and interacts or stays distinct according to it’s own viscosity. The longer I wait, the more the ink has run and the image has liquefied. I repeatedly scan these acetate images and incorporate them into the original photo file. The variability that results is an organic addition to the digital process, which I find an immensely interesting form of inquiry.

Buffalo Bill Dam
Digital image
20″ x 30″

Superfund (PDX)
Digital image
20″ x 30″

Snake River Bridge
Digital image
20″ x 30″

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Address: 7621 N Washburne Ave Portland, OR, 97217, USA

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