Julian Voss-Andreae

Contemporary technology is ushering in a new era for sculpture. In my work, I draw cutting-edge approaches from diverse fields to re-imagine the ancient art of sculpture. My goal is to convey elements of our spiritual essence and open our eyes to the miraculous nature of the underlying nature of reality.

I started out as a painter in my youth and later switched to physics. I did my graduate research participating in a seminal experiment probing the foundations of quantum physics in one of the world’s leading research groups at the University of Vienna. My science training enables me to take advantage of the latest technologies to achieve my artistic visions. But most importantly, my first-hand experience of the enigmatic nature of reality has provided me with key cultural insights, informing my path ever since.

My work is a reminder of our fundamental connectedness, giving tangible expression to the vital paradigm shift from Newtonian separation to a renewed connection with Nature.

The Reader
Stainless steel
100″ x 66″ x 74″

Stainless steel and kiln-fomed colored glass
99″ x 33″ x 22″

Samantha in the Meadows
Cast and fabricated bronze with patina
121″ x 42″ x 32″

Sculpture   Metal    Glass
Community: 2
Studio Number: 21
(503) 329-5203 | info@julianvossandreae.com
Website: http://www.JulianVossAndreae.com
Facebook: Julian Voss-Andreae
Instagram: @JulianVossAndreae
Twitter: @JulianVossAndr


Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Address: 8003 SE 17th Ave Portland, OR, 97202, USA


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