Kelli MacConnell

Using gouges I carve wood and linoleum blocks, leaving nature-inspired images standing in relief. I use these blocks to create limited edition hand pulled prints on cotton paper with oil-based ink. My process of creating a linocut print begins by reversing my sketches onto the relief surface, then carving away the negative space with a sharp knife, V-shaped chisel or gouge. This leaves the raised, un-carved areas to represent a mirror image of the final composition. The block is inked and then carefully impressed onto cotton paper. My work is printed primarily in black oil-based ink. Occasionally I will make use of simple color gradients to gently alter the mood.

My current body of work focuses on the Pacific Northwest landscape. These prints are of the vast and diverse environment of this region. With the simple use of line, varied mark-making and the contrast of black and white, I hope to form exhilarating compositions inspired by the natural world.

Hazelnut Orchard
Linocut Relief Print
19″ x 25″

Douglas Fir and Giant Redwood
linocut print
61″ x 40″

MacConnell_Whitebark Pine

Whitebark Pine
linocut print
15″ x 12″

Community: 2
Studio Number: 16
(503) 679-9676 |
Instagram: @kelli_macconnell.prints


Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Address: 5603 SE 66th Ave Portland, OR, 97206, USA

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