Melissa Monroe

My artwork is an emotional display, vulnerable for anyone to see. Figures showing their authentic selves to find themselves, behind their outward appearance they hide; look closely and they become a mirror into who you are. A journey into the past and future. A history of a land that no-one can remember, a place that has been forgotten and a puzzle to learn the future.

My paintings always start without a plan or a sketch. Instead I start by building color and layering shape until inspired to pull a shape forward or to stay abstract. I use mostly acrylic paint. Sometimes I also use colored pencil, pen, ink, watercolor paint and paint markers I never let a piece be finished until I am truly satisfied with the composition, and emotional energy shown.

Battle Mask
Acrylic Paint and Colored Pencil
24″ x 20″

New Panter
Acrylic Paint and Colored Pencil
24″ x 30″

Unconnected Movement
Acrylic Paint and Colored Pencil
48″ x 24″

Acrylic   Mixed Media 2D    Sculpture
Community: 3
Studio Number: 37
(503) 484-6970 |
Facebook: melissamonroeart
Instagram: @melissamonroeart


Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Address: 3022 E Burnside Portland, OR, 97214, USA


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