Nancy Abens

I have been studying, practicing, and teaching art for over 4 decades. I don’t like to define myself as one type of artist-painter, photographer, printmaker, etc. I use whatever
medium or process expresses my ideas. For the most part, however, my work has a photographic base. I use the camera as a tool for gathering images to create something else. Whether it is analog, digital, photo
transfers, alternative processes, or various printmaking techniques, the photographic image is the start. I am an avid birder and gardener. I have been inspired by the 19th century artists and scientists in creating the bulk of my work. I chronicle my garden through arrangements and add to my bird life list by capturing the birds I have seen on camera. Using these photographs as a starting point, I then work with them digitally and finally transfer the image onto either wood or paper. The transfer process results in imperfections making each piece unique.

Grapes, Hydrangea and Banana Leaf
Photographic Image Transfer
16″ x 20″ x 1″

Northern Flicker
Photographic Image Transfer
6″ x 6″ x 1″

Tropical Plant #3
Photographic Image Transfer
10″ x 8″ x 0″

Photography   Printmaking    Acrylic
Community: 4
Studio Number: 49
(503) 260-6159 |
Instagram: Nancy Abens


Wheelchair Accessible: No

Address: 2725 NE 29th Ave Portland, OR, 97212, USA

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