Sally Squire

This past year has been filled with personal and social challenges; death, health, politics, forest fires to name a few. I have been inspired to use fire and smoke expressively. Many of my pieces include soot, singeing, toasting and burning. I use these finishes, along with inks (alcohol, acrylic, India) on paper and ceramic – utilizing techniques such as mirroring, crumple origami, and washes.

Porcelain, India Ink
10″ x 10″ x 2″

Porcelain, Smoke
9″ x 5″ x 5″

Shadow Conversations
Watercolor Paper, Smoke, Singe, Paraffin
27″ x 27″ x 1″

Ceramic   Sculpture    Mixed Media 3D
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Studio Number: 4
(503) 880-9476 |
Facebook: SallySquireArtist
Instagram: sallysquireart


Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Address: 461 SW Alderwood Dr West Linn, OR, 97068, USA


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