Samyak Yamauchi

I paint offbeat narratives with colorful and often abstracted imagery. I paint intuitively, without any plan or outcome in mind. Using acrylic paint, pencils and oil pastels, I lay down layer after layer of bold paint strokes and marks, wait and watch for the expression of an image to appear – sort of like seeing pictures in the clouds. I paint the negative space around the image and develop the painting to somewhere on the continuum of representational to abstract. I always get a sense of a story that I refer to in text in the painting, in the title or written elsewhere, but the paintings, of course, speak individually to each viewer.

Acrylic and pencil on wood panel
24″ x 30″

Love Is Blind
acrylic, pencil and oil pastel on wood
24″ x 30″

The Wait
Acrylic with oil pastel on wood
30″ x 30″

Mixed Media 2D   Acrylic   
Community: 4
Studio Number: 66
(503) 939-3996 |
Facebook: Samyak Yamauchi
Instagram: samyakyamauchi
Twitter: NA


Wheelchair Accessible: No

Address: 3004 NE 23rd Ave Portland, OR, 97212, USA

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