Sarah Waldron

I am more interested in exploring the essential visual cues that make us recognize an object than in replicating a form faithfully. The majority of my current work concentrates on the layers of water and the effects of disturbance, reflection and what is contained in the water. Ever changing and on the way to somewhere else. Due to it’s importance to life on earth water holds my interest as a subject. The act of painting water is a challenge. Every skill I have as a painter is put to the test. Most of my paintings are abstract in nature at close inspection but the realist scene materializes when the viewer steps back.
I get lost in the depiction of water.

Oil on Panel
36″ x 36″

Oil on Panel
36″ x 36″

Oil on Panel
36″ x 36″

Oil   Mixed Media 3D    Jewelry
Community: 4
Studio Number: 65
(541) 890-3170 |
Facebook: Sarah Waldron
Instagram: Sarah waldron


Wheelchair Accessible: No

Address: 5863 NE 36th Ave, Portland, OR 97211, USA

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