Serena Barton

I love layers and strata that evoke history and transition. I’m interested in what’s underneath the surface of things. I think of ruins of ancient cities buried under new ones, the remains of Shakespeare’s theatre unearthed, even a King of England found buried under a parking lot. I’m also intrigued by the emotions and thoughts that lie underneath the surfaces we present to the world.
Creating intuitive abstracts with oil and cold wax uncovers my emotions and preoccupations. Working this way is like taking a journey to a new place without a map. Whatever is going on inside me is sure to make itself visible on the support. The layers, colors, and textures of a piece contain my history and my dreams. My wish is to connect with the viewer of my work, sharing what is unsayable.
I build up many layers, incise, scribble, scrape back, and texture my work, allowing each piece to tell its own story.

What Painting Told Me
Oil/Cold Wax/Plaster on Panel
40″ x 40″

Sometimes They Help
Oil/Cold Wax/Plaster on Panel
40″ x 40″

Scylla and Charybdis
Oil/Cold Wax/Plaster on Panel
40″ x 40″

Community: 3
Studio Number: 25
(971) 404-7664 |
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Wheelchair Accessible: No

Address: 1135 SE 80th Ave (Adjacent to) Portland, OR, 97215, USA

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