Shawn Demarest

My work is place-based. I am strongly affected by the visual world and seek opportunities to interpret and respond to it. I work both from observation and reference images. When painting from observation, my work focuses on color relationships and intuitive response rather than depiction. I consider this work being witness to a moment and an opportunity to be fully present. In the studio, I employ reference photographs. The studio paintings begin with loose and gestural defining strokes. As the paintings develop I take them to various levels of refinement, depending upon the series I am working on. The most complex of these involve curving, continuous pencil lines that I intuitively draw over a painted image. I then use the lines as points of separation and repaint the image. These I call my “Merge” series. Rather than being wedded to a single approach, I choose to continue experimenting and refining in service to presenting a painted vision of a place in time that is compelling.

Calliope/SE Grand Ave
Oil and graphite on panel
40″ x 40″

Sunny Vox/NW Northrup
Oil and graphite on panel
40″ x 40″

Powell Paint
Oil and graphite on panel
18″ x 30″

Community: 3
Studio Number: 28
(503) 975-3122 |
Facebook: ShawnDemarestFineArt
Instagram: shawndemarest


Wheelchair Accessible: No

Address: 7118 SE Center St Portland, OR, 97206, USA

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