Thérèse Murdza

Before I could tie my own shoes, I played a small accordion. I studied piano, saxophone, then jazz and music theory at a Maryland public high school. In college, I studied theater performance and wrote plays, learning new forms of materializing sound in transitory space.

After graduation, I distilled my writing further into poetry, in search of precise moments of emotion and contact. Not narrating the beginnings and ends, but middles; the being in the middle of things. A deep dive that led to drawing on big paper and literally taking the words apart – hearing the marks, marking the sounds – in charcoal, ink, pencil, and then: paint.

Since 2000, I’ve worked almost exclusively on canvas, using an evolving and animated range of shapes, lines, and color to create large, sometimes multi-paneled works on canvas, and smaller works on canvas and paper. From my studio in Portland, Oregon, I partner with gallerists, design professionals, and private collectors to place my paintings nationwide.

untitled 03-1814
mixed media on canvas
42″ x 54″

untitled 01-1813
mixed media on canvas
30″ x 48″

untitled 01-1811
mixed media on canvas
24″ x 36″

Acrylic   Collage    Mixed Media 2D
Community: 3
Studio Number: 38
(503) 593-9436 |
Facebook: tmurdza
Instagram: @tmurdza.studioart


Wheelchair Accessible: No

Address: 2505 SE 11th Ave STE 227 Portland, OR, 97202, USA

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