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2019 Artists


Amanda Triplett

Making art in the space where fine art and craftwork intersect, I manipulate, layer, and embroider salvaged fibers into abstractions of biology. I create sculptural, performance, and installation works about human relationship to biological and cultural narratives.

Recycled materials are central to my process and inform the themes I work with as an artist. I disassemble salvaged towels, sweaters, and t-shirts that have warmed and wiped the bodies of their previous owners. Fascinated by wear on the weave of recycled fibers, I treat aging and deterioration as a part of the creative process. Using needle and thread, I manipulate and sew the fiber into new form. The resulting pieces are organic and biologically inspired, utilizing the natural tendency of fabric to crease and flow. Utilizing surface, texture and vivid colors as my main tools, the work addresses ecology, the complexity of the internal human landscape, and identity.

Fiber & Fabric
Community: NE Portland
Studio Number: 39
(831) 428-2928 |
Facebook: The Artwork of Amanda Triplett
Instagram: Fibrousviscera

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