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2019 Artists


Andrew Butterfield

As an artist I have been greatly influence by an opportunity I had to study art in Indonesia while enrolled at Lewis & Clark College in the late '80s. There I studied traditional painting, mask carving, and gamelan music. The apprentice approach to studying art and the specific techniques still effect my everyday practice. As I work I hear the voices of all my teachers reminding me of lessons learned and ways to approach a challenge. My current work is hand formed ceramic, both functional and more sculptural. I am drawn to surfaces which are effected by the firing process. I have built a wood fired salt kiln at our property in Onalaska Washington and fire most of my work there. I appreciate how flame and ash effect the surface of the work enhancing the form as the flame works through the load.

Community: Northeast Portland
Studio Number: 21
(503) 331-6947 |
Instagram: Butterfield Pottery

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