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2019 Artists


Cameron York

Consumerism and Death are both political and ever present in our lives. Violence and death are on the rise, coinciding with the use of media as a distraction. Consumption of physical goods is another fixation heightened by the media and celebrities. For the average human, keeping up with social trends is the thing to do, and there is such a quick turn around with what item is considered "hot". This way of living leads to mass production, leading to mass consumption, ending with mass waste. The societal residue of consumption is pushing us ever closer to mass extinction and we can't seem to kick our wasteful habits.
I use etched imagery to connect with my audience; to bridge a gap between worlds. At first glance my work is bright and colorful, but when examined further it is clear that something sinister lurks under the surface. I start by working in my sketchbook, then I etch imagery into copper, layer my prints with color, and add handworked elements to tie it all together.

Community: North/Inner NE Portland
Studio Number: 19
(619) 952-3110 |
Instagram: Cammy York

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