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2019 Artists


Craig Dorety

My artwork is inspired by understandings of visual perception (both personal and collective), the subconscious, and memory. Vision is our main sensory input for the world in which we exist and, in general, I create art through the use of abstracted image data which I render visible through technology and new media.

I use industrially prefabricated LED technology and custom electronic hardware and firmware to collapse space and re-map it, formulating physical space-time distortions. When treating color as information rather than image, I can do anything I want to the data, electronically. This color information, with the addition of custom electronics, controls the LEDs. The result is a meditative, slightly hypnotic, active display of pulsating color. By re-displaying information in this manner I give the viewer a glimpse into space-time as seen through my eyes.

Community: Reed/Sellwood/Woodstock
Studio Number: 62 
(415) 350-9509 |
Facebook: Artist Craig Dorety
Instagram: Craig Dorety

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