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2019 Artists


Erinn Kathryn

I investigate the interplay between humans & environments, examining intersections of constructed & natural systems around us, & the ways they play out in our lives. I employ cartography, topography & geography for their inherent neutrality & objectivity, then manipulate angles, scale, orientation, & situated-ness to form hybrid landscapes that merge fact with fiction. Out in the world, I collect vignettes, minutiae, detritus & scraps of things. I methodically process these materials in the studio- disassembling, cutting, casting, molding, painting, staining- to make my synthetic material findings appear organic & earth-like. The resulting 'mashups' mine the following themes: 1) monumentalized landforms & architecture, & the identity of a place formed therein, 2) vignettes of urban settings amid physical, socioeconomic, or sociological change, 3) projections of possible near-futures; the results of long-continued human habits.

Community: North/Inner NE Portland
Studio Number: 10
(717) 514-1649 |
Instagram: Erinn Kathryn

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