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2019 Artists


Jennifer Randall



In my series, Camisole de Force, I am connecting and creatively building on the physicality of the straight jacket. These pieces address a historical, personal or social theme that ties in with emotional or intellectual binding. I draw from my own personal experiences, tap into history and cultural climate. The term is also used metaphorically, as in the phrase "intellectual straitjacket" to criticize very tight boundaries on what ideas are allowed, as imposed by an ideological system of thought. The history of binding and control can be unraveled culture by culture as well as through ideologies. The binding and control of women can be found throughout time. Within the Camisole De Force project, I unravel the psychological and emotional similarities to the garment itself, being bound by personal, cultural or gender norms. I research on the historical, cultural and physical aspects of the straight jacket, as well as the artistic approach to the design and content.

Mixed Media
Community: Pearl District/Lower NW Portland
Studio Number: 115
(620) 899-4060 |
Facebook:Jenniferr Randall Art 
Instagram: Jenny Randall
Twitter: ArtandYoga

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