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2019 Artists


Jonathan Barcan

This body of work is inspired by a lecture by philospher Alan Watts, titled, "The Wiggly World." Watts describes the connection between human consciousness and the Big Bang, and discusses the challenge society has to integrate 'nature' with 'progress'. Sometimes I think that it is as if without conscience, in the same way that a rock knows nothing of the hillside that it slides down or a molecule knows nothing of the biological current that it travels, our collective culture moves with a forward momentum that exists without memory. To create this series I use a variety of advanced printmaking techniques. I also use multiple plate printing processes that enable a spontaneous 'quilting' assembly on the printing press bed in order to compose one large bleed print from many smaller plates. Arranging larger compositions from a collection of smaller pieces allows for a creative improvisation which help to push further the idea of 'drawing' incorporated into contemporary print practice.

Community: North/Inner NE Portland
Studio Number: 1
(415) 306-6328 |
Facebook: Jonathan Barcan
Instagram:Jonathan Barcan Arts

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