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2019 Artists


Kelli MacConnell

I create limited edition hand pulled linocut and woodcut prints inspired by the Pacific Northwest landscape. With the simple use of line, varied mark-making and the contrast of black and white, I hope to form exhilarating graphic compositions inspired by the natural world. I'm dedicated to exploring the endless possibilities of printmaking and creating original, introspective art in hopes that it will foster a healthier relationship between humans and nature.

My process begins with sketches from inspiring wilderness areas. I then reverse the final image from my sketches and transfer it to a wood or linoleum block. Using a sharp knife, V-shaped chisel or gouge, I carefully cut away the negative space as well as the highlighted or white areas. Once the cutting is complete, the raised areas will represent a mirrored image of the final composition. Then the block is evenly inked with a roller or brayer, and the image is impressed onto damp cotton paper using an etching press.

Community: Reed/Sellwood/Woodstock
Studio Number: 68
(503) 679-9676 |
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