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2019 Artists


Kit Carlton

Kit Carlton is a self-directed, mixed-media artist who openly grapples with her own perceptions in hopes to broaden those of others. She aims to connect dots where they do not seem to exist by upending the confluence of themes. Themes she naturally gravitates toward include transformation, space, and perception. Carlton's process starts by using traditional methods and once a satisfactory result emerges, the work is transferred into the digital realm for further manipulation. Often times this process reciprocates whereby results yielding from digital processes are incorporated back into the original analog work. In this way, Carlton views her work as a bridge of sorts between the two mediums shaped by the particular time, space, and perceptions in which formed their creation. She believes when a viewer internalizes an emotional response to the work in another point in time/space/place the work then becomes by sheer experience a further preservation and transmutation of the work.

New/Mixed Media
Community: Lake Oswego/SW Portland
Studio Number: 88
(503) 430-8337 |

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