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2019 Artists



I am interested in how we connect and interact, with ourselves and each other, and in my work I often focus on personal topics that are also relatable to our shared human experience. In my process I combine image harvesting from analog sources with digital media of myself, my environment, and people in my community. Digital media and other new technologies (like 3D printing) are often apart of the final presentation of my work. As a mixed media artist I combine traditional painting, drawing, embroidery, and etching, with new materials like Plexiglass, LED lights, and digital media. My work is multimedia, multilayered, and often multidimensional, reverberating our inner and outer complexities. By communicating human themes and blending old with new, I hope to build bridges between fine art and contemporary culture, while encouraging self awareness and community connection.

Mixed Media 2D
Community: Pearl District/Lower NW Portland
Studio Number: 114
(503) 724-7088 |
Instagram: theartist_quire 

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