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2019 Artists


Marcia Jeglum

Being a "woman of a certain age" I find the art I produce is now more often for my own pleasure and personal satisfaction. I am no longer concerned that people will like my paintings or that my subject matter will be perceived as strange. I no longer make a piece of art hoping that someone might purchase it. In fact, my work rarely leaves my studio. And I have never been happier or more productive. My studio is full and I am having fun when I work. But now I am ready to share with others.
My first love is oil painting. In general my canvases are large, whimsical and colorful. But lately I have become obcessed with papercuts. I am fascinated with the process and am working large, in the 30"x 40" range. Also, for several years now I have been painting large recycled wood porch pillars. I am the only person I know of that does this. They can be used indoors, architecturally or as yard art. They are truely unique.
My work is varied and may not be for everyone but it is very much my own.

Community: Lake Oswego/SW Portland
Studio Number: 95
(503) 901-5173 |
Facebook: Marcia Jeglum
Instagram: Msjeglum

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