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2019 Artists


Meghan Hedley

I inquire into the intersection of art and healing through painting and installation, working large scale to actively engage and integrate the physical with the mental-emotional space. My paintings are visual meditations, utilizing number, letter, layer and color in conversation. I am informed by research into healing methods on individual, relational and global levels, and am currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine where I practice acupuncture, herbs, movement therapy, Shiatsu massage and Craniosacral therapy. In these studies, I observe nature's patterns and rhythms on a quest toward aliveness, informed by the relationship and overlap of light and dark, and the inseparability of the body and the mind. I carry these healing-centered observations onto the canvas, attending to the timing, cycles, patterns, colors, chaos, celebration and order of nature. My work is a form of abstract landscape of both the person and the natural world.

Community: Pearl District/Lower NW Portland
Studio Number: 111
(949) 683-3020 |
Instagram: Meghan Hedley

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