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2019 Artists


Michael Orwick

As an Oil painter, the effects of light and atmosphere are what I remember about a location and what inspires me most. Light transforms the ordinary or even beautiful into the exceptional. My quest is to capture these fleeting moments and help people see things again through new eyes.

"Michael Orwick creates compelling views of our world that move beyond time and place? full environments for your mind to explore, your senses to imagine. Places as mysterious as Oregon's craggy coast, as unpredictable as a glacial view of Mount Hood, or as serene as an Oregon waterfall. His skill as a landscape artist can remind us of Remington in his most enamored moments with the majestic American West, or of the Impressionists as he paints a dance of light on a pond or snow."
--Mari Rockett

Community: Beaverton/Sunset Highway
Studio Number: 106
(503) 693-7639 |
Website: or
Facebook: Michael Orwick Arts 
Instagram: Michael Orwick
Twitter: MichaelOrwick

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