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2019 Artists


Nho Nguyen

I started my art journey over 55 years ago in Hue, Vietnam. After the fall of Saigon, I spent over 6 years imprisoned for serving in the South Vietnamese Army, fighting against oppression and for inherent human rights. In the communist "re-education" camps, the suffering and hopelessness of prison left me needing art as a way to escape and heal; I use bold strokes and deep colors to illustrate the vivid visions of my past. After my family immigrated to the United States, the opportunities afforded to us here have renewed my hope. My current work is grounded in the suffering of the past, but also shines with the pleasures and aesthetics of the current world around me. Using oils and acrylics on canvas, I share my story with abstract design. I use my hands to carve, cutting deeply into wood panels with a hammer and chisel to match the sounds of my heartbeat; I play with textures to capture my love for art, the emotions of my past, and my present with Portland's bridges and cityscapes.


Community: Reed/Sellwood/Woodstock
Studio Number: 70
(971) 570-0399 |

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