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2019 Artists


Renee Hartig

The land is a steady element in nature that can change both instantly and can take thousands of years to evolve. I strive for my work to capture the land and sky as they are "“ moving and changing ceaselessly.

The challenge of capturing this movement is what attracts me to impressionist painting. Although many impressionist painters set out to capture a single moment, they were also able to infuse their work with a movement that makes the painting feel alive. My goal is to capture that kind of a timeless element and movement "“ not only in the subject matter but to the application of the paint as well.

All of my work is done with oil paint on canvas. My paintings are ala-prima (one session), so I am always working with wet-on-wet paint giving me freedom to move and manipulate the medium, which helps to keep a fresh quality to my work. I also refer to my style of painting as gestural painting because l apply quick, broad brush strokes that gives my work a lot of movement.

Community: SE Portland
Studio Number: 50
(586) 255-0829     |
Facebook: Studio Hartig 
Instagram: Renee Hartig
Twitter: Reneehartig

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