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2019 Artists


Sara Swink

I make clay human and animal figures with a psychological stance. Introspective, ambiguous, and approachable, they often have a humorous edge. I hand-build my pieces using a gritty stoneware sculpture clay, incise into the clay, bisque fire, apply layered oxides, underglazes and glazes, then fire to cone 5. My ideas derive most often from a process methodology that I teach in workshops, which employs simple and accessible techniques like collage and doodling to unleash the unconscious. I let the ideas flow, selecting ones that most resonate to bring into clay. Sketching on paper and in clay moves the idea into a more cohesive vision. Reflection and writing help me to understand and make some sense of the progression of the pieces as they manifest. A thread of personal narrative runs through all my ceramic work. It's the process of inner exploration that keeps me moving forward.


Community: Clackamas/Oregon City
Studio Number: 87
(971) 271-0480 |
Website:  or
Facebook: Sara Swink Clay Circle Studio
Instagram: Sara.Swink


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