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2019 Artists


Sharon Jonquil

Nothing is permanent. Understanding this means a fierce commitment to practicing like my head is on fire. Daily mark making evokes a disciplined willingness to roll up the soft belly of tenderness, to engage with what is, rather than what is desired or denied. Dissolving into a blank canvas with a question rather than an answer leads me to utilize acrylics, encaustics, pastels, oil and cold wax, charcoal. And then the surprise, that comes from paying close attention to intuition. My artwork comes from a place of extending a hand from my inner being to yours. Time is short. My paintings are an invitation to engage.

Acrylic  Encaustic
Community: NE Portland
Studio Number: 29
(503) 310-7800 |
Facebook: Sharon Jonquil 
Instagram: SGJonquil

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