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2019 Artists


Shelly Durica-Laiche

My name is Shelly Durica-Laiche of Indio Metal Arts. I'm a welder that designs and builds both decorative and functional steel objects. I have a double major from Portland State University in Sculpture and Graphic Design. I use as much salvaged material as possible in my work. I collect it from steel yards around the state, from the side of the road, through my travels or by donation. Scrap metal has an imbedded history and character that folds into each design. I'm inspired by the unique shapes of all my found treasures. Sometimes I know right away what I want to build with them but sometimes it takes years. I'm driven by the design challenge of transforming known objects into ones with a new voice. I then delight in how the assemblages become one of a kind sculptures that can't be duplicated. I seek for the viewer to be surprised by how a material is used in an unconventional way, far removed its past life. It's magic to me.

Community: Reed/Sellwood/Woodstock
Studio Number: 63
(971) 322-7870 |
Facebook:Indio Metal Arts 
Instagram: Indio Metal Arts

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