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2019 Artists


Sherri Aytche

My forms range from functional pots and vessels to decorative wall pieces. I am drawn to hand building due to the uniqueness of each piece. I enjoy creating safe spaces, organic in nature, and I am moved by my cultural heritage and love of texture. Inspired by African fabrics and patterns I create contemporary ceramic art with an earthy feel. Each item is one of a kind. As a ceramic hand builder, each piece is made from a slab of red or white stoneware clay. Imprinting, adding texture and other surface treatments can come at any stage, the clay is formed and bisque fired in an electric kiln to cone 06 a max temp of 1830^. After coming out of the kiln it is then glazed, oftentimes I will wipe the glaze away to expose the clay lying beneath the glaze. Pots are then fired to cone 6 high temp 2232^.

Community: Southeast Portland
Studio Number: 42
(917) 856-8041 |

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