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2019 Artists


Susan Borger

The wall-mounted and 3 dimensional pieces I fabricate, reference needle arts traditions. Historical quilts and quilts in the modern quilt movement influence my machine-pieced wall constructions and accessories, while early pre-industrial sewn rugs inspired the tactile surface design of my dimensional work. Recycled garments and commercial fabrics are my prime resources for the textile fabrications and occasionally second-hand furniture pieces act as armatures for the sculptural work. I like to work directly stitching fabrics together, improvising alignments and color juxtapositions to create textures, movement and pattern. Finished as traditional quilts would be, quilted by machine and occasional hand-quilting. The surface textiles are a multi-step, machine-stitched process with a limited palette of commercial fabrics to reflect the simplicity of the historical rugs. Color, texture and whimsy are the driving forces for this work


Fiber & Fabric
Community: Clackamas/Oregon City
Studio Number: 77
(503) 896-6493|
Instagram: Sbclicks

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