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2019 Artists


Susan Gordinier

I am a visual artist living and working in Portland at the Walter Gordinier Studio. Mr. Gordinier does monolithic,iconic glass installations, sited through out the world. When i work in the studio, Walter has already called out monolitic slabs he is not going to use. They become my raw materials. I will stand an 8 foot tall cold cast glass panel on its edge, pause and push. It crashes to the concrete floor breaking into a thousand pieces. Now i have a pallete of shapes, sizes and colors that i turn into jewelry and body adornment pieces. My choices of shapes and sizes are placed in a flashing kiln; fire polishing and softening the edges. The next step is choosing the jewelry findings of a variety of metals to turn the best pieces into pendants.

Community: Reed/Sellwood/Woodstock
Studio Number: 64
(503) 539-1352 |
Instagram: Lightcatcherstones

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