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2019 Artists


Susan Greenbaum

I work in three basic media and chose the one that best suits my intentions at that moment. My work is intuitive and leans toward the abstract-sometimes representational, but always free-spirited and colorful. My basic philosophy with the work is first to play and then bring order to the chaos in a manner that gives me the joy of finding new combinations,textures or images. For me, this can happen only with an "allowing" state of mind and I use every action as inspiration for another in response. This way of working in acrylic, oil and cold wax medium as well as encaustic has given me many opportunities to produce work that connects with others and reminds them of some natural or beautiful experience or emotion.

Oil   Mixed Media
Community: Lake Oswego/SW Portland
Studio Number: 93
(503) 539-9792 |
Facebook:Susan Greenbaum.7 
Instagram: Luvn2paint

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