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2020 Artists


Chad Brown

The photography by Creative Director/Adventure Photographer Chad Brown. This is a collection of 33 images in the Arctic Circle covering the most northern indigenous community the Gwichin Nation living above the Arctic Circle. Revealing to the public the first time an in depth intimate portrait of their lives granted by the tribal chief and council for the first time to share with the public their culture, life and their true spirit as Gwich'in Nation. The Gwichin are the "Caribou People" and the importance of this sacred animal to their existence in the Arctic. The viewer will be immersed in their world through larger than life documentary stylized photography, raising the awareness of Gwichin culture and the Arctic national Wildlife Refuge that is at threat due to industrialization potentially dismantling Gwichin way of life by drilling for oil in the Arctic Circle.

Community: North Portland
(503) 572-8166 |
Facebook: chad.brown.9862273
Instagram: chadbrown

VIDEO - still coming

Talk Time

Saturday, October 10th

10:00 am - 10:30 am

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