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2020 Artists


Amy Fields

A sense of touch is very directly linked to my love of ceramics. From wet clay to vitrified porcelain, how it feels in the hand, on the lips, is of utmost importance. The wet clay as it moves through my hands as it spins on the wheel is the most seductive. I am often reminded of trips to the fabric store with my mother, she would ask me to pick out fabric for a piece she was to make for me. I browsed the racks with my hands rather than my eyes, searching for the smoothest, silkiest, or most tactically pleasant fabrics. Texture plays an important role in my ceramic works. A mug must feel comfortable in the hand, the handle should invite the user to hold it, the rim should rest perfectly on the lip. 

Eating and drinking are a celebration of life's basic needs, it is one of life's greatest pleasures. We drink out of cups and eat off of plates and bowls. My goal is to make them as beautiful and functional as food is delicious and nourishing.

Ceramic | Pottery
Community: SE Portland
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