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2020 Artists


Catherine Freshley

I often struggle to simply enjoy a sunset or a summer field; instead, I fret about the possibility of forgetting the scene, which compels me to preserve it in something more concrete than my memory. I consider myself a recorder or transcriber, documenting something that Mother Nature has already created. This view diminishes my attachment to my paintings. 

I paint acrylic landscapes from places I have been. The natural beauty of our land and the sky moves me. I respond most to scenes that seem unremarkable open, flat land, tidy crops, back roads and their accompanying road-side weeds, and the expansive skies above it all. 

I want my paintings to transport viewers to somewhere that is familiar and comfortable -  even ordinary. My paintings capture what a place and a sky feel like, but they are not too specific: I want viewers to layer their own memory and their own meaning onto my paintings.

Community: NW Portland (503) 888-4503 |
Facebook: CatherineFreshleyArt
Instagram: catherinefreshleyart


Talk Time

Sunday, October 18th

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

Instagram: @catherinefreshley

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