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2020 Artists

Jani Hoberg

Jani Hoberg

I am a visual learner.  My work relies on direct observation, I fill sketchbooks with drawings and watercolors which become the basis for my etchings. I collect items from walking in the beautiful outdoors and spend time in drawing and learning from the masters in any museum I can find.  My first printmaking classes were in the 1970's at Lewis and Clark College and the Oregon School of Arts and Crafts.  The Northwest was alive with printmakers who were excellent teachers.

The ability to create an images on a copper plate, print it, rework the plate and print the revised image until the image worked~ was illuminating to me.  I found in this process a place  where I could spend hours observing, drawing and printing.  It gave me a way to interpret the world around me.  For me, how I ink up a plate is just as important in the process as the image.  I am constantly learning about technique,line quality, composition and content. 

My current etchings reflect the natural world around me and on occasion I bring in the human form to assist with the organic shapes.

Community: Lake Oswego
(541) 915-6243 |
Instagram: Jani Hoberg

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