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2020 Artists


Leah Kohlenberg

I am at heart a city person, so my work is very urban inspired.  I love capturing all that is manmade - buildings, bridges, electric light - and conveying it softly and loosely.  I am also very interested in people as they casually interact in the city.   Many of my compositions start from photographic ideas - and sometimes sketches - but I alter the compositions and forms significantly.   I am a painter, and I work with multiple mediums (not at the same time, of course) - acrylic, oil, watercolor and pastel - in search of the unique markmaking that I believe will best convey the mood of a particular scene.

Acrylic | Drawing | Oil | Painting | Watercolor
Community: North Portland
(347) 251-1984 |
Facebook:  Leah.Kohlenberg


Talk Time

Saturday, October 10th

11:30 am  - 12:00 pm

Instagram: @Leah Kohlenberg

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