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2020 Artists


Jamie Latham

I've always been compulsively creative. Working as a Wilderness Therapist I contracted Lyme disease and a host of other parasites and infections. My body and my mind started to degrade and felt completely lost. Turning to art helped me cope. If all I could do was lay on the couch, it helped to just space out and draw. I let my hand float around, doing whatever felt calming. Dots here, some more shading here. Just letting the shapes grow and morph, breathing deeply. No planning. No thoughts. Nothing preconceived. The microbes infecting my body flowed onto the page influencing  my work more and more. The cosmic world of microbes and cell biology is reflected through my imagination and into my drawings. Healing will take a long time, but I will always have my creations to escape into. Creating helps me cope, and breathe, and just exist through intense suffering.

Drawing | Mixed Media
Community: SW Portland
(503) 442-5151 |
Instagram: @sherbdurb/

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