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2020 Artists


Alexandria Levin

Painting is religion to me. It is pure bliss. It is how I commune with the spirits. The sensual act of painting in oil is one of balancing truly being able to see, while giving form to that which is unseen. I spend quality time with a painting, developing a relationship with the work over a period of weeks, sometimes months. I build up layers, scrape away, glaze over with transparencies, add more opaque paint with brushes and other tools... Until the painting itself tells me, “I’m done.” The song is complete, but there are many more to compose. And so I keep painting. I paint to sing. I paint simply to breathe.

Creating art has always been a means of story-telling about my life, dreams, and visions, as well as my observations of, and thoughts about, the world. I process things visually. My natural inclination to allegorical work has continued to deepen over time, and I often play with mixed realities. Much of my work contains a gritty magical realism to it. When circumstances shift, as they have with this pandemic, I find other ways to compose my visual songs in two-dimensions on a surface, currently in watercolor and colored pencil on paper.

Oil Painting is primary. Watercolor and Beaded Jewelry follow close behind
Community: SE Portland
(267) 231-4322 |
Instagram: Alexandria Levin


Talk Time

Saturday, October 17th

1:30 - 2:00 pm

Instagram: @alexandrialevin

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