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2020 Artists


Virginia McKinney

I work primarily with hand forged and fabricated steel with earthenware clay and ceramic slips, stains and underglazes. I love the balance and contrast of working with two such different media -- the clay offering a solidity while the steel elevates it. I am inspired and loosely reference dwelling forms in much of my work. The home, habitat, abode, residence -- more than architectural terms, these forms of shelter and refuge are both personal and universal. My quirky structures reference Native American Pueblos, Cappadocian dwellings, Saharan graineries and other indigenous architecture. Adding small openings that appear as windows or doorways, they become animated and take on delightfully odd personalities. I sometimes perch them on pedestals or have them sprouting legs and frequently, they are inhabited by sweet little birds. I am also fascinated with the ladder as a metaphor for movement and change and frequently use it along with the dwelling forms.

Mixed Media | Sculpture
Community: SE Portland 
(828) 231-5880 |
Facebook: Virginia McKinney Studios 
Instagram: Folded Crow Studio

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