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2020 Artists


Jennifer Mercede

I am in an intimate relationship with gooey, dripping house paint, rapid scribbling markers, soft, sensitive lines kissed by colored pencil, and pens gauging into wood. I am passionately involved with lime green, unrefined circles and layer upon layer of  "yes this will work" and "gotta keep painting".  Abstract compositions form intuitively as a result of this relationship, often integrating a free flow of text and an increasing use of recog-nizeable objects.  With deliberate subconscious, they reflect how I perceive the surrounding world.

I am free to draw animals and flowers as I see them, with freedom of lines unerased and shapes filled in with no regard to reality, just play of fun, vibrating color combinations and doodle fill-ins. It is my intention to share cheer with the world, from wherever inside me it may come forth.

Acrylic | Drawing | Painting
Community: NE Portland
(203) 522-1320 |
Instagram: jennifermercede


Talk Time

Sunday, October 11th

11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Instagram: @jennifermercede

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