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2020 Artists


Amy Ponteri

I fully believe that art is for everyone. Not only do most people doubt their own inherent creativity, but traditional art institutions have given us the message that making art is only for a select few. In my everyday work as an artist, art therapist, and educator, it is my aim to debunk this regrettable myth. Similarly, PDXOS is a fantastic means to connect with the public to spark curiosity and inspire personal shifts. Research on creativity consistently demonstrates that if we are able to access levity and humor, we are more able to access novel ideas and compassion for ourselves, lighting the way to try new things. As an accomplice to this process, I hope to engage others to simply play with materials in a lighthearted way. Participants then have the opportunity to discover something new, both about the materials and themselves, and to work against the oft-held belief that they are not creative or capable of such. 

I try to approach my own art in the same way: I use ink on unprimed canvas in an effort to foster spontaneity and playfulness. The ink on raw canvas is unpredictable and challenges me to be present and to let go. I typically like to work large -- raw canvas on the floor or the wall. The smaller pieces submitted with my application, however, are the product of following an intuitive and permission-giving process of what if, of allowing imperfection and rawness: I tore the larger canvases, assembled pieces together, and mounted them on panels for a new perspective.

Community: SE Portland
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Talk Time

Saturday, October 17th

2:30 - 3:00 pm


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