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2020 Artists


Jesse Reno

Jesse Reno lives and works in a converted church in Portland, OR. where his 1600 sq. ft. studio allows him to focus on large formats. Each week he completes new works, totaling 4000 paintings over his 20-year career as a self-taught, self-managed artist.

His painting technique, akin to musical improv, re-interprets itself without any initial design, evolving each piece as layers are added. Described as abstract primitive and outsider art, his works evoke themes of imagination, connection to nature and ancestry, and the explicit message that "anything is possible".

Though he operated True Measure Gallery from 2013 - 2018, and has shown in solo and group art exhibitions all over the US, his main passion is for his art to escape the gallery. He has flown all over the world for art festivals, live-painting events, murals, and to teach his painting techniques in 1-5 day intensive workshops.

"for me painting is - finding treasure - what it is - what it means - if you know what you are looking for you will find it - burying something in the ground and digging it up doesn't make it treasure - the best treasure is unknown - it is true - it is a lesson - this gold is like the sun - not a simple coin for sale - this is a story you truly don't know - you write it from feeling rather than knowing - you understand it like joy and despair - not like math - as there is no equivalent. the chaos of volcanoes, the collapse of an avalanche, the weight of an anchor. the idea of buoyancy over balance. some locks do not open with keys. this is a world where candy canes grow at the tops of mountains. freedom comes from belief and choice, and all things are connected"

Mixed Media
Community: NE Portland
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Facebook: Jesse Reno Art 
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Sunday, October 11th

1:30 - 2:00 pm

Instagram: @jessereno

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