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2020 Artists


Allison Rose

When I make a piece of art, I'm looking for something beautiful, simple, and honest. I do this because when people don't get in the way of themselves, that's how life is. I'm experimenting with oil paints, but mostly I find myself drifting towards dry media, and especially chalk pastels. I appreciate the process of drawing because it's much more direct than painting. You have the paper, the pigment, and your hands, and that's all. It lets me feel much closer to my subjects, which is particularly important because I am primarily a figurative artist. I end up drawing myself and my husband the most because these are the people I understand the best. While I personally find the two of us wonderful, there's nothing so "special" about the two of us. Everyone has these quiet moments in their own lives and so it becomes very easy for other people to understand and relate to what I'm creating. I find that the figures in my work are often looking straight at the viewer, almost confronting them and at the same time inviting them to participate in those quiet moments I've depicted. Genuine human connection is quite difficult to find these days. When someone looks at my work they can stop, breathe, and connect.

Drawing | Mixed Media | Oil | Painting | Pastel | Watercolor
Community: NW  Portland
Facebook:  allison.rose
Instagram: allison_rose_art


Talk Time

Sunday, October 18th

1:30 - 2:00 pm

Instagram: @allison_rose_art

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